Boot Camp with Akua is THE MOST FUN you will ever have working out! Each morning a group of people sharing the common goal of bettering themselves meets to encourage and motivate one another though a varied and fast paced hour with a few laughs along the way. No matter your age or fitness level there is no routine that can’t be modified so there is no excuse to not be there, unless you don’t want to get in shape and enjoy every minute while doing so.”

– Eric DeGesero – Westfield, NJ


“Akua’s personal training style is unique. She does something that many trainers don’t, she actually puts extensive thought into your workout every single time. She doesn’t make it up as she goes, wandering from one machine to the next to kill time figuring out what to do next, your routine is thoroughly planned out from minutes :01 through :60 and no two workouts are ever the same. The only thing Akua can’t do is bring your drive to succeed”

– Eric DeGesero – Westfield, NJ


“Akua’s method works for all ages. She modifies her program to fit my needs as one of her older clients, and never let’s the challenge of the workout become harmful. She is totally committed to the health and wellness lifestyle and appreciates our efforts in our sessions together.”

– Claire Weber – Union, NJ


“Akua pushes you to your limit, and then to your next and to your next. She shows you what your body is really capable of, things you didn’t know you could do let alone think of doing. Every workout is made to make you your own powerhouse, with amazing results.”

– Beth Diana Smith – Owner of Diana Studios and Founder of Passionistas, Inc.


“Over the past few years I have been encouraged to come to the different boot camps offered throughout the year by Akua. I finally gave in and decided to participate this past summer. Her workouts and motivation have pushed me more than I have ever been pushed before. I feel that because of her I’m in very good shape physically and mentally. I have new energy that gets me up to go the gym in the morning. She has created a lifestyle of fitness that is contagious and when in her presence she motivates you to eat right and work hard. She is a motivator and inspires people to be conscience about their health. I am truly grateful for the hard work a dedication she has put into me and the inspiration she gives me to work harder.”

– Ronald Z. – Union, NJ


“Akua is a Personal/Group Trainer who customizes workouts for all body types and age groups in order to help you meet your respective goals Akua is passionate about fitness and is consistent at motivating her clients to get 150% out of their training sessions. Her workout routines are creative and she is particular about clients maintaining their form to get the most out of the workout and to avoid injuries. Akua is knowledgable, responsive and full of energy….Her training style is fun, intense and something to look forward to. You will get more than your anticipated return on this investment!”

– Michele D. – Client for 7 years


“Training with Akua is like training with a positive image of yourself.. Each private session is tailored to make you the best you. Leadership, strength, drive, enthusiasm, and love…all that is needed in an effective trainer is found in Akua.”

– Zoleka Jones – Maplewood, NJ


“Akua Boakye is definitely an inspiration. When I started her boot camp in July I didn’t think I would last to the end of the first session. Six months later I am still working out on a regular basis, and that is saying a lot for someone who can usually find any excuse not to go to the gym. Akua motivates everyone she trains to challenge themselves. I can honestly say that I have never pushed myself as hard as I do now and I can see a big difference. If you are serious about getting in shape, Akua is the person who can help you achieve your goals.”

– Kim Little – Union, NJ